Thursday, June 23, 2016

Katherine, Jonathan, and Mary

Caren (left), Javier (middle), and Maria (right)

Hey there! Our names are Katherine, Mary, and Jonathan. Unfortunately, we can't show our faces here per Colombian adoption regulations. We currently live at an orphanage in Colombia. Everyday, we walk into the office to ask if we have a family yet. Are you looking to adopt an older sibling group from our beautiful country? Do you know anybody who is? Let us tell you a bit about ourselves so you can get to know us.

Katherine: I am 13! I'm very, very shy, but I am so lovable. When I get to know you, I'll open up. I enjoy when other people ask me questions to get the ball rolling. I'm also pretty protective of my two younger siblings. I love them so much! For fun, I like to roller skate and do arts and crafts.

Mary: I am 9 years old! Like my big sister, I'm kinda shy, but once the conversation gets going I really enjoy the company of others. Sometimes it's hard for me to talk about stuff that bothers me. For fun, I like to learn and help my teachers out, play with dolls, and watch television! I also enjoy roller skating with Katherine.

Jonathan: I just turned 12! I like to look good and stay organized. My two sisters are the most important people in my life. I'm a pretty active kid, and I have lots of energy! I'm quiet when you meet me, but I'll maintain play and conversation once we get started. Like Maria, sometimes it's hard for me to talk about stuff that bothers me. For fun, I enjoy drawing and working with clay. I also like playing sports, especially soccer.

We haven't exactly had the easiest childhood so far, but that doesn't mean that can't change! Do you want to learn more about us? Click here! That link will take you to, where you can create a profile to see our silly faces and read even more about us, including stuff like our medical and biographical reports. Thanks for reading!

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