Monday, June 27, 2016

Danielle, Alexa, and Samuel

Hi! We're Danielle, Alex, and Samuel. Sorry you can't see our faces--we're not allowed to show them due to Colombian adoption regulations. We're hoping to find a family and place to call home! Could that be you, or somebody you know? Keep reading to learn a little bit about us!

Danielle: I am ten years old! I'm just a couple months younger than my brother--how cool is that?! I'm fashionable, and enjoy spending time with my siblings. My biggest dream is finding a family to love me, my brother, and my sister.

AlexaI am 13 years old! I'm very close to my younger brother and sister. With them, I enjoy going to the park and riding my bike. I dream of having a family who will receive my siblings and me with all the love in the world.

Samuel: I'm 10 years old, just like Danielle, but we're not twins. I'm older!! Just like Alexa, I love riding my bike to the park. I'd love to find a family who can love the three of us like their own.

To learn more about us, click here and make a profile! You can find us under the South America region filter.

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