Monday, June 27, 2016


Hey there! It's so nice of you to stop by. My name's Conner, and I live in Colombia. I'd love to show you my smile, but unfortunately Colombian adoption regulations prevent me from doing so. Are you considering adopting an older boy from Colombia? Why don't you read a bit more about me!

I am 11 years old! I'm a very cheerful, noble, and loving kiddo. I currently live in a foster home, and during the time I've lived there I've had amazing moral and personal development, including a good sense of self and self-esteem. My idea of a family is a mom and dad with their kids who are affectionate, but set limits and norms, and love and take care of you so you can grow.

I'm really respectful of those around me. I can control his behavior to make sure it matches the current situation. I am caring, easygoing, and expressive. I can express my emotions in a way others can understand. My emotions are stable and I adapt well to change.

I'm careful with his belongings, and take good care of them. I also takes good care of himself, as I am a very responsible kid. 

I'm incredibly intelligent, creative, and imaginative. I like playing computer games, reading, making crafts, playing board games, swimming, and playing soccer.

Could you be my forever family? Do you know somebody who could be? Please click here to make a profile on A Child to Love so you can find out more about me, see my pictures, and read my biographical report. You can find me under the "South America" filter. Thanks so much for reading!

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