Monday, June 27, 2016

John and Diane

Jhon Bayron (left) and Dayana (right)
Hi, how are you? Our names are John and Diane. We'd love to be able to smile for you, but due to Colombian adoption regulations, we can't publicly show our faces on the web. Are you looking to adopt? We'd love it if you could spend a little time getting to know us through this post.

John: I am 15 years old! If I don't have a family by the time I turn 16, I'll never have the chance to be adopted. I'm a very polite, honest, and happy kid. People tell me I've shown great moral development and appropriate behavior for a boy my age. I easily show affection to those I am close to, especially my sister Dianne. I'm not a shy kid, and really spend time getting to know new people and friends. I take the initiative when it's appropriate, but also I know when to wait for instructions. I consider myself to be a good role model to younger kids. I do well in school, and always complete the tasks I'm assigned. I'm also artistic, athletic, intellectual, and social. My favorite sport is soccer--I'm a great midfield, goalie, and outside mid-striker. I also enjoy playing tennis, basketball, and baseball. I'm a good baker and like to draw. In my free time, I enjoy going to the movies, theme parks, and participating in outdoor/environmental activities.

Dianne: I am 12 years old! I'm a very lovable and happy girl. I enjoy receiving affection, but I'm not quite sure how to express that. However, I can be very affectionate with those I'm extremely close to, especially my big brother. I love him so much! When I needs help with something, I communicate that need to the best of my ability. I'm responsible with my schoolwork, always getting it done and making good grades. I'm organized and rarely need to be reminded to complete an assignment. I'm also like this with my self-care; I show complete autonomy with my personal daily chores. At first, I come off as shy, but when you get to know me I open up and my confidence begins to show. I also make and maintain friendships well. I am very careful with my belongings, and take good care of objects I borrow from peers. For fun, I like arts and crafts, as well as baking. In regard to sports, I like playing volleyball. In my free time, I like to go to the pool, the movies, and the mall. 

Would you like to know more about us? Click here to visit, where you can make a profile see photos of our innocent smiles and read our biographical reports. In Spanish, these reports are called "Informes Integrales."

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