Thursday, June 23, 2016

Michael, Annie, and Christopher

Maicol (left), Ana Maria (middle), and Cristian (right)
Hi, how are you? Our names are Michael, Annie, and Christopher. We love to smile, but unfortunately, due to Colombian adoption regulations, we're not allowed to show our faces on this blog. We would love to be adopted by a family full of love! Could you be our future family? Do you know someone who might be? Let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

Michael: I am 7 years old! I'm a cheerful, caring, affectionate, and dynamic kid. I'm thoughtful, and I think about my actions before I act. That being said, I'm also a curious, active guy. People tell me I have a great sense of humor, too. I also like to be a leader among my friends. I'm not shy, and I like to talk. I enjoy artistic, social, and intellectual activities, including singing, dancing, and festivals. I'm also fond of reading stories and books. 

Annie: I am 10 years old! I'm very affectionate, caring, and calm. I easily give and receive love to those around me, regardless of their age. I really love my younger brothers, and demonstrate this all the time. I can be shy at first, but don't worry, I'll warm right up once you get to know me. I love hugs!! I'm always smiling, and can communicate my needs well and effectively. I'm collaborative, friendly, and respectful. I don't have any food allergies, but I really hate pumpkin soup. 

Christopher: I am 6 years old! I am a pretty shy guy. When I go to a new place, I don't mind playing by myself. I like it when other kids approach me to play. But once I warm up to a place, I'm able to create strong relationships. I am also very loving with my siblings, they're some of my best friends. I also love animals. I am known to be artistic and athletic. I enjoy painting, running, and racing my friends.

Do you want to learn more about us? If you click here, you can create a profile and see our smiling faces, and even read our biographical and psychological reports!

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