Thursday, July 14, 2016


Meet Dillon! He is a beautiful Colombian boy, ready to be adopted into a loving home! Unfortunately, due to Colombian adoption regulations, I cannot show his face on this blog. Are you looking to adopt a baby boy from Colombia? Do you know somebody who is? 
Here is a little more information about Dilan!

Dillon was born on February 25, 2015. He is a spunky little one year old! Because he is institutionalized, he isn't growing or developing as fast as he should be, but despite his current living conditions, he loves to smile! 

His poor little body has been through a lot in his one and a half years of life. He's been hospitalized ten times, but always pulls through! With the right care, he will grow and develop into an amazing little boy. He's a tough guy, and would do so well with parents to guide him through life. 

It has been recommended that he be adopted internationally by a father and mother who can understand his needs and make sure they are met.

Could Dillon be your child? Click here to create a profile on A Child to Love, where you can take a look at his photograph, read his biographical report, and understand the details of his hospitalizations. More photographs and videos of him will be uploaded on A Child to Love soon! You can find him under the "South America" filter.

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